Product Development

Product Development

Main Competitive Advantage

For the 21 years we are in the manufacturing business we have constantly put emphasis on improving our processes and creating better and cheaper products faster. Our long experience in working with our suppliers and deep relations with them has given us the advantage to be able to become very competitive in the market in terms of the affordable price of our offerings and the efficiency of our processes. Thus, we can take pride in the fact that we can take a product from the discussion room and bring it to the market in as little as 2 months.

Production of comsetics

Pre-Production Phase

During our initial talks you will have the chance to make clear all your requirements in terms of product composition, packaging and label design, costing and etc. Afterwords, based on your specific requirements, we will prepare and  send you a pack of samples and our offer for your approval.

As soon as you give us green light by sending deposit we move towards the selection of Design and Packaging Components and place orders for raw materials from our trusted suppliers. The fact that we use our own in-house designer, as well as having priority when ordering printing and packaging components, greatly increase the time we move towards the actual production phase.

Duration: 22 Days

New Product Development

After all of the components for your order are sourced the actual manufacturing process begins. Every step of the process is supervised by our line managers to ensure that the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly followed. This is a part of the Three Step Quality Testing process to ensure 100% satisfaction from our clients.

Production of cosmetics

After the production is complete and our internal quality assurance is finished we proceed with the arrangement of transportation and preparing the documentation of the cargo.

At that point, if you desire to do so, you can use the services of independent conformity assessment authorities such as SGS and Bureau Veritas to determine, directly or indirectly, that our processes and products meet all relevant technical standards and fulfil their requirements. Our experience with working with such independent bodies will guarantee that the service will not add any additional time to your order.

cosmetics ready for transport

The Complete Manufacturing Process

Product Development Super Finish