The Bulgarian manufacturer Super Finish has its main strategic focus on export. Due to the fact that over 75% of the cosmetic and home care products we produce are exported oversea we rely on establishing strong business relationships with both our clients and suppliers. With over 300 products registered under our own brands or the brands of our partners we are proud to be the first choice of our partners when it comes to new product development. Our previous experience allows us to be confidant that we can satisfy your costing and market entry time needs. Learn more about the processes behind our new product development.

Main Markets


Trusted Suplliers

For many years we have worked with the leading suppliers of high-quality chemical in Europe. We relly on them because they also supply world-renowned brands, have all the required quality certification and most importantly are leading their industry in terms of innovation. These companies have offered a competitive advatege in terms of quality of our products ensured that our offerings are adequate with the latest industry trends.

Partners of Superfinish2000