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The Bulgarian company SuperFinish was founded in 1993 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It has been producing shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, shower gels, emulsions and gels, home care products since its foundation. In 2004 the company won the Golden Rose award of National Bulgarian Association of Perfume and Cosmetics. Ever since we focused our attention on improving our products, optimising all processes and establishing close ties with local manufacturers to ensure our competitive advantage on the market in terms of production price and shortest possible time of bringing a newly developed product to the market.

The key priority of Super Finish is the production of high quality products of both own labels and for contracting partners. Camil, Five, Aro, Magi are only some of the well-established brands in the Bulgarian and foreign markets. We offer complex services starting from development of new products, their certification, purchase of raw materials and packing materials, to actual production and delivery to the customer. The company is located in Plovdiv.

We are always willing to assist our prospect clients in arranging a visit to Plovdiv where they can inspect the quality of our products and processes. We are committed to establish healthy long-term business relations with our clients so we value every chance to meet them and understand their needs better.

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