Super Finish has 21 Years Experience in Cosmetics and Perfumery

Our products are sold:

Under Our Clients' Brands 45%
Under Our Brands 55%

Production Distribution:

Home market 25%
Export 75%

Focus on Quality

Quality Certificates

Super Finish 2000 is holder of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  Certificate №C-GMP-007/14.08.2013  in accordance with BS EN ISO 22716:2008, issued by the Bulgarian National Association of Perfumery, Cosmetics and Essential Oils. The document certifies that that all the cosmetic products manufactured by Super Finish follow the guidelines of GMP.

Quality Assurance

Our clients are welcomed to hire independent conformity assessment authorities such as  SGS and Bureau Veritas to determine, directly or indirectly, that our processes and products meet all relevant technical standards and fulfil their requirements. Our experience with working with such independent bodies will guarantee that the service will not add any additional time to your order.

Quality Inspections

We are always willing to assist our prospect clients in arranging a visit to Plovdiv where they can inspect the quality of our products and processes. We are committed to establish healthy long-term business relations with our clients so we value every chance to meet them and understand their needs better.

Participating in operational рrogramme " Innovations and comparability per 2014-2020"

Main goal: Buying and incorporating high level manufacturing equipment to increase the production capacity and export capability of “SuperFinish 2000”. 
Specific goals:
1. Increase of 188% of the income for 2018-2020 in comparison to the same for 2014. Main reason- increased export to eastern countries such as Iraq, Syria, etc.
2. Increase of over 64% of the labor capacity for 2018-2020 in comparison to the same for 2014.
3. Increase of over 16% of the coefficient of performance of the expenses for raw materials, materials, and outside services for 2018-2020 in comparison to 2014.
4. Increase of 512% of the net profit for 2020 in comparison to 2014.
5. Incorporation of certified biotechnology products such as “organic”, “all natural”, “bio”, etc.
6. Increasing the quality of the manufactured products.
7. Increase the competitive ability of the firm by the incorporation of innovative products such as a paper face mask; the purchase of a vertical packing machine for face masks.
8. Two new employee positions will be created in “SuperFinish 2000” – Engineer and Technician.
All of the specific goals are a full representation of the main goal of the Investment priority 2.2 “Capacity for increase of the SMEs” by increasing the production capacity and increasing the export potential of Bulgarian SMEs , per operational рrogramme ” Innovations and comparability per 2014-2020″.
Activity for increasing the manufacturing process.
Activity for adding new characteristics or improving the quality of the products and services.
Activity for enlarging the variety of products and services the firm is offering.
Activity for incorporating new technology, therefore, increasing the efficiency of resources and manufacturing.

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